Degrees at Manthano College

One Year Bible Certificate: 30 Credit Hours 

Ten courses from the Bible, Theology and Education offerings.

Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies

64 Credit Hours

Biblical Studies: 24 Credit Hours

Theology: 11 Credit Hours

General Education: 27 Credit Hours

Internship 2 Credit Hours

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies

62 credits after the A.A. degree for 126 credits. 

Biblical Studies: 9 Credit Hours

Christian Education 9 Credit Hours

General Education: 15 Credits

Theological Studies: 15 Credits

Language Studies: 12 Credits

Internship 2 Credit Hours 

 Master of Arts in Biblical Studies                               36 Credit Hours in Bible, Theology and Hermeneutics.                                                                                                                                                         Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies  90 Credit Hours in Bible, Theology, Languages Hermeneutics and Pastoral Studies. 

Manthano is authorized by the State of Michigan to offer  these degrees.  A course meets one time a week for five weeks.  There are eight sessions in a school year beginning September, mid October, January, late February, mid April, May and mid July.